Thursday, June 5, 2008

Otaku Alert!! Get Berated By Marines in New 'Sergeant Cafe'!!

Now this is getting out of hand -- Akihabara, the cradle of all things electronic and otaku in the world -- it has its share of themed cafes, primarily of the maid variety. Now there's many variations, but maid cafes seem to be the norm in Japanese geekville. However, according to Japan Probe, there was one theme cafe that did a one day "dry run" for a Sergeant cafe......

Apparently, former US Marines were hired to berate incoming customers like its their first day in boot camp!Check out this video:

There are disclaimers and warnings that are presented to you before entering the sergeant cafe: “once you join the army (enter the café), you must obey whatever sergeants (waitresses) say,” “when you order food or drink, you order to a senior officer, so you have to say ‘Sir!’ first”. There were 2 courses: Hard Course (1F) and Soft Course (2F).

On the 1st floor (Hard Course), former U.S. Marine Corps scolded trainees (customers), let them do push-ups or jump. The former officer said “this is nothing- you have to do such things every single day in the real Boot Camp.”

Huuuh? Who wants to be subjected to that? Well, it was a one day thing, so the regular cafe also encouraged customers to come in military themed cosplay. I get it -- it's a whole roleplaying thing. Although this was only one day, the sergeant cafe may be a regular fixture in Akihabara. Only time will tell. For more pics from the event, check out Akiba's blog. Jeez, what's next?

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